Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Tuesday 29th August

Last day at Mansfield!

Circumstances have changed for my daughter and her partner and they are leaving their job here at Mansfield on Thursday and coming to stay with me for a while. As they will be packing up tomorrow and very busy we have decided that I will go home in the morning and they will follow next day.

When I'm home and settled I'll write the final episode of this blog.

Today I fixed the 7-pin plug that had come out and the wires had dragged on the ground at Albury  on the way here on Sunday. Fortunately there was enough undamaged cable to do the repair so that was good.

Tomorrow will see the end of my 2017 winter travels although I am heading back to northern NSW in October for the ACC  National Muster.

Thursday, August 31st

Last day of winter and I'm home! Yes - yesterday was the last day of my 2017 trip although I'm heading back to northern NSW in Oct...