Friday, 25 August 2017

Friday 25th August

No - you didn't miss yesterday's blog. There wasn't one!

Yesterday was just a day! I went with Ray to try to buy a blanket - simple you would think. I tried Kmart - the only single ones were black - the grey's were lovely but all for double beds.

So I hobbled round to Target where the only single  one was pink! But they did have a nice blue shirt my size and I bought it plus a bottle of solft drink as I was starting to dehydrate!

OK - lets try Harris Skarfe (?). They didn't have any blankets at all!

Back to K-mart and bought the black one. Actually it goes quite well with Yenny's decor but it's not warm enough! The doona will be out tonight!

I surprised Ray and Jeanette today as I had a shower in Yemmy and breakfasted before I went indoors so that I could get away in reasonable time - in fact I was on the road by 8.30.

The Bruce Highway was very busy with trucks and roadworks but things eased when I turned off for Kingaroy andI enjoyed a couple of stops along the way.

I'm parked for the night in a clearing just off the road to Goondawindi - 470km from Hervey Bay. If I keep that sort of daily distance I'll be in Mansfield and Jackie by Monday,

GoRV was out last night and my first column is in it plus a Readers Rig from Walkamin.

A couple of pics today

My lunchtime view

Yemmy resting for the night
Another  view of our night stop

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