Monday, 29 May 2017

Monday 29th, May

This was a rest day - a day when Yemmy wasn't clamoring for a drink of diesel so expenses had a rest. It was glorious relaxing by the river although I did a bit of houskeeping, walked up to the bridge and took some shots plus cooking what I hope will be a nice chicken curry.

The morning and early afternoon sun was shining directly on Yemmy's roof mounted solar panels so I was able to charge the laptop and the phone without any worry.

Now a few pictures.

Just because I haven't got a toaster or grill doesn't mean I can't toast muffins on this litttle gadget over the gas!

Here they are - one with jam and the other with peanut butter - yum.

 I couldn't have walked up to the bridge and back without a number of little rests on my shooting stick


  Now you know the whole story

 Needs no caption!

Thursday, August 31st

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