Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Leaving home - Day One

 Yemmy is ready for the road and wanting to be off!

I wasn't going to do a blog this year but I've had a number of friends ask for it so here goes.
I've actually forgotten how to do it so bear with me for a few days until I get back in the groove.

We, Yemmy and I,  left Illawarra on the 16th May and spent the first night on the banks of the Murray near Koondrook. It was an easy day's run and my new swivelling sun visor worked a treat. Sprinters before 2006 had non swivelling visors - a darn nuisance when travelling north or south.

Along the way we came across the largest number of sheep I've ever seen flowing across the road like water!

It was an unsealed track in to the river and I'm sure I heard Yemmy mutter something about not being a four-wheel drive as we went over a very steep little bank!

Thursday, August 31st

Last day of winter and I'm home! Yes - yesterday was the last day of my 2017 trip although I'm heading back to northern NSW in Oct...