Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Wednesday May 31st

There was not a lot to photograph along the way today so the pics are all taken at the Long Waterhone near Winton.

The Billabong is dry where I am but I can see a sparkle of water further down. This will do me for a night or two though. I put the awning out but that brought some wind  and, as I can't get into where the ropes are stored, I wound it in again. Maybe I'll need it out in the morning.

Steve will be pleased I had a cheese and bacon pie and a coffee at the Bakery in Winton!

It's quite warm up here - 34c inside Yemmy right now. I just spoke to my daughter who is in my house at the moment and they are off to Ararat in the morning to buy some warm clothes!

Picture time:

I saw this big rig on the way in to the campsite. It looked huge with the slide-out out and would have a lot more room inside than Yemmy.

A bit hard to see from the pic but I can get a lot (I think 15) channels just using the little powered indoor antenna - every thing except the ABC and that's what I normally watch!

If I was staying a long time I'd put up my outside antenna but it's not worth it just for one night or maybe two

You can see how parched the ground is in this pic of my nearest neighbors

Here's Yemmy's patch of dirt!

 I'm sure I heard Yemmy muttering again as we traversed the lovely smooth road into our site!

This is just to reassure Steve that I'm getting enough to eat!

Tuesday May 30th

There were not too many photo opportunities today - not much wildlife either. I just saw a few cows, quite a lot of emus, the odd kangaroo and only one dead roo. 

However I did get a few so on with the show

There were places like this where the road became incredibly narrow and you went through very, very carefully

There were also places where there were two lanes for a liitle while

This was the first thing I saw  as I stopped for the night and the chook feeder is from Stawell and knew I play in the Stawell City Band.

Boating on the Thompson is a popular pastime

The Thompson is a beautiful large river    

I guess the town water comes from here

The park is well set up for free camping near the river and the toilets are clean although there are no showers - but what do you expect for nothing.

Night night!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Monday 29th, May

This was a rest day - a day when Yemmy wasn't clamoring for a drink of diesel so expenses had a rest. It was glorious relaxing by the river although I did a bit of houskeeping, walked up to the bridge and took some shots plus cooking what I hope will be a nice chicken curry.

The morning and early afternoon sun was shining directly on Yemmy's roof mounted solar panels so I was able to charge the laptop and the phone without any worry.

Now a few pictures.

Just because I haven't got a toaster or grill doesn't mean I can't toast muffins on this litttle gadget over the gas!

Here they are - one with jam and the other with peanut butter - yum.

 I couldn't have walked up to the bridge and back without a number of little rests on my shooting stick


  Now you know the whole story

 Needs no caption!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Sunday 28th May

When I set off this morning from the caravan park at Thargamindah I had no idea what was in store for me. Not long after getting on the road to Quilpie the surface turned to gravel. It wasn't too bad and Yemmy was OK with traveling around 90 - 100k/ph.

There was a bit of sealed road and then back to the unsealed. There was virtually no traffic until Quilpie where I filled up with diesel and did a bit of shopping. My TomTom wanted me turn on to an unsealed road to Jundah but I knew a better trick and came on to Cooper Creek where I managed to find a nice little spot near the river (Yes - I know it's called a Creek but it is in fact quite a big river!)

After Quilpie it was mostly one lane bitumen and so it was full on concentration all the time and almost stop when meeting traffic or cop a few stones and dust.

It was a wildlife day today - lots of emus (all alive), lots of roos (some alive, some dead), a few horses (all alive), some sheep (all alive) and quite a lot of cows ( mosty alive and three dead). 

Two suicidal emus did a kamikaze act in front of me and a huge roo came out of left field and passed very close in front of Yemmy. Definitely a day to stay alert!

Let's get to the pictures.

There had been a lot of rain in the area lately and there was still a lot of standing water

Vehicles who had gone off the bitumen had left huge ruts.

Cows wandering on the road were a different kind of hazard

Cows of a different kind lined the centre strip in Quilpie leaving no doubt about the predominant industry of the area

 Here's the lovely spot were I'm resting tonight on the bank of Cooper Creek

Here's another view of paradise!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Saturday 27th May

The road into May Bend was rough but Yemmy took it in his stride this morning when we left and we were soon heading for Thargamindah.

I'll let the pictures tell the story of today's travels.

These emus were too far away for a good picture but the closer blighters  ran off before I could get their pic


This was supposed to be a pic of goats but I thought you'd like to see my little cat. She sleeps all the time!

You probably can't read the words but it was talking about the fact that there is some water in the outback.

You don't see much that's for sure

This was showing the huge variety of birds at a lake just south of Thargamindah

A trig marker along yesterdays  travels.

The weather at home - the reason I'm up here in Queensland,

We crossed the border quite early this morning

This is what it is up here!

And the road goes on and on and on to the horizon

Peak Hill

I'm going to cheat or I'll never catch up!

I arrived at the Peak Hill Showgrounds on the Thursday for the Australian Caravan Club's Chairman's Muster which was a full on event until the following Tuesday. Happy hour each night, visits to the 'Dish' at Peak Hill, a farm tour, a guided tour of the gold mine pits, dinner at the Servicemens Club on their raffle night, dinner at the Bowls Club, barefoot bowls, golf, a traditional dinner cooked by the local community amd lots and lots of fellowship.

OK - so that's four day's covered!

Here are a few pics.

Francis was our guide for the Aboriginal rock paintings at Snake Rock and with her family gave us a Traditional Lunch includding kangaroo and emu.

I've seen the Dish before but it's always interesting
 Everyone but me - I took the photo

Some of the 38 RVs - 36 caravans and two motorhomes from four States

Barry Brebner came down from Dubbo to talk about his new book 'Working on the Wallaby'
I've known Barry for a long time from when he was promoting Workabout Australia and I was working on the Caravan World stand at Caravan Shows

He presented me with a signed copy

I put this pic on my Facebook page and asked people to add their own captions.

The result was hilarious.

They were in fact drawing a raffle but being next to the Ladies added another dimension.

So that takes us up to Tuesday morning when I moved to the Peak Hill Caravan Park to spend some time with Leighton and Pauline and to write my next column and the article about the muster.

Three days later I'm on the road again and 400km later I'm bush camped near the Darling just north of Bourke.

Phew! I'm up to date.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Day Two - Ardlethan

I decided this was to be a leisurely trip so I only planned on doing a few hundred km. each day. I bought lunch at Ardlethan last year and was impressed with the lovely little free RV Park right in town so when the sign came up I decided that's it - even though it was quite early.

There are just four sites but you can have power if you want it for just $2 for 12 hours - and if you need more just put more money in.

The pictures will tell the story - it was a lovely stopover and the other couple who stayed there were from Shepparton and we shared travelling reminiscences as we ate pizza in the Bowling club next to the park.

The sculpture is of 1939 Stawell Gift winner  Ron Bradey 

The town proud that it is the home of the Kelpie dog.

First Night Stop

As I mentioned before, our first night was on the banks of the Murray

This was in a National Park near Koodrook and the narrow track to the river had a steep hump I'm sure I heard Yemmy mutter " I'm not a four wheel drive you know!"

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Leaving home - Day One

 Yemmy is ready for the road and wanting to be off!

I wasn't going to do a blog this year but I've had a number of friends ask for it so here goes.
I've actually forgotten how to do it so bear with me for a few days until I get back in the groove.

We, Yemmy and I,  left Illawarra on the 16th May and spent the first night on the banks of the Murray near Koondrook. It was an easy day's run and my new swivelling sun visor worked a treat. Sprinters before 2006 had non swivelling visors - a darn nuisance when travelling north or south.

Along the way we came across the largest number of sheep I've ever seen flowing across the road like water!

It was an unsealed track in to the river and I'm sure I heard Yemmy mutter something about not being a four-wheel drive as we went over a very steep little bank!

Thursday, August 31st

Last day of winter and I'm home! Yes - yesterday was the last day of my 2017 trip although I'm heading back to northern NSW in Oct...