Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Wednesday 23rd August

 Good catch up today!

 Fellow ACC Members John and ,Jane Hambly, came visiting this afternoon and it was great spending time with them. They live in the Mornington Caravan Park where we used to live and I've met up with them in Queensland several times in recent years - we were part of a Trivia team last year at Cape Palmerston caravan park. They told me their team won the trivia night this year.

Ray and I went to Aldi this morning. I'm looking for a single bed blanket but they had sold out. We'll have a wider look in the morning. I've still got Jeanette's double bed one which was great last night.

My first Reader's Rigs Story is on GoRV today and it came out well. I'm waiting for issue 6 with my first column in it - be out very soon.

Nothing to photograph today - sorry folks.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Tuesday 22nd August

Up with the larks!

Even after a marathon day yesterday I woke early today. The free camp at Calliope River was crowded on both sides of the river so I didn't wont to wake close neighbors with my noisy water pump for a shower so I put on my traveling gear and headed off before 8am.  

Some 200km down the road I stopped at a pull in, had my shower and put on clean clothes. Then I had a refreshing cup of coffee before completing the trip by lunchtime.  I think I spent more time sitting at roadworks than actually driving.

Ray and Jeanette were pleased to see me as always  and we spent most of the day reminiscing about old times and catching up with family news.

I was quite cold in bed last night so Jeanette's lent me a double bed blanket for tonight and tomorrow I'll look for one to buy. It too warm for the doona but my small blanket isn't long enough to tuck in at the bottom and I wake up with frozen toes!

Yemmy's new home for the next three nights

Monday, 21 August 2017

Monday 21st August

This was the test - am I fit or not?

I brought the solar panels and their long cable up from the beach last night and put them away under the bed. I'd already packed up the bbq and put it in.

Now for the scooter. Surprisingly it went up the ramp and into place with no trouble. Hopefully that's the last time before home.

This morning was an easy pack up with all that done the night before and I was on the road  showered and breakfasted just after 8am. Going up the track I heard things falling out of a cupboard. It was the one with biscuits in containers and luckily the only one that came open was empty!

While I was sorting that Tony rang and invited me for coffee. Why not?

After shopping at Mt Pleasant including a chemist for antihistamines, soothing cream and throat lozenges I headed for No 76 in Carlyle Gardens - I remembered the number this time. An all too quick visit to Tony and Denyse before heading to the Info Centre to use their dump point and fill my water tank. My fix must have worked because the water went in the tank and not out the back door.

I fllled Yemmy with fuel near Sarina and stopped to eat some of the greasy Coles Chicken for lunch. My only other stop was to make a quick cup of coffee at Marlborough.

My aim was for the free camp at Calliope and I made it just as it was getting dark. That means I did nearly 500km today and there's less than 300km to do in the morning to get to Point Vernon at Hervey Bay and Ray and Jeanette's welcoming lawn parking. It costs $0 with power!

Daughter Sue rang to see how I was and my hands free set up was a bit quiet but I've adjusted it since I got here. She could hear me OK.

The answer to my question is nearly! Just a bit to go and I'll be back to my very old self.


Saturday, 19 August 2017

Sunday 20th August

Sneezy, itchy and with a runny nose! That sums up how I am today.

I'm sure what I have is an allergy - a Hay Fever thing that I believe antihistamines will fix once I get to a chemist tomorrow.

I hope the scooter has enough power to get up its ramp in the morning. Once loaded it will stay on until I get home and can get an electrician to look at it and fix whatever is wrong.
This time last year when I was feeling OK - with friends Tony and Denyse at Walkamin Caravan Park

 This is what the view from Site 2  was when I wrote my first book all those years ago. The trees are now very tall.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Saturday 19th August

...and I thought it was fixed!

I'm talking about my scooter - new batteries and I charged them for quite a few hours after riding to the Resort yesterday. With that in mind I set off for Seaforth this morning but had a premonition that it wasn't going to make it. After I'd done about half way there I turned around and headed back here. That's when trouble began. It would go fairly well downhill or on the flat but any little rise slowed it to a stop despite pedalling for all I was worth! I had to walk up the hills with the scooter going under its own power with me walking beside it.

A fellow in a ute stopped to see if I wanted a lift but I couldn't leave the scooter on the roadside and then a motorbike rider did a U-turn and came to see if I needed help.

I was exhausted by the time I got back to Yemmy. The battery has been charging ever since I got back but they were not low - in fact they showed a very high charge so it must be something in the wiring that's stopping the power getting to the motor.

Needless to say I didn't get  my antihistamines!

I'll pack up tomorrow afternoon ready for an early start on Monday morning. The scooter will then stay on the back until I get home!!!!!

This doesn't want to load so I'll try again later.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th August

Two in one again

Not a lot happened yesterday. My neighbors on site 3 had to leave because they were not getting enough sun to keep their batteries charged. I showed them my set up with a long roll of heavy duty cable that I use to put my solar panels down in full sun all day on the beach. Unfortunately they didn't have an Anderson plug feeding their battery so I couldn't give then some of my amps.

I did a fair bit of reading, cooked sausages for dinner - left-overs for today.

Today I feel a bit smug. I downloaded a new app yesterday called 'Free Range Camping'. It's very much like Wiki Camps but has a few more good benefits and discounts. Today I managed to sync it to my phone - I don't often do the syncing bit so I was a bit rusty!

I also put a link on my website to GoRV - the home of my new 'On the Wallaby Track' column. My website is at:

My water filler seems OK - I tipped about 10 litres in with a funnel yesterday and it went where it's supposed to go.

Just one pic today - a smaller goanna and a curlew were together but moved before I got the camera

My panels get sun all day - only have to move them three times

Monday, 14 August 2017

Monday 14th August

The hold-down strap for the back of the scooter shrunk!

It didn't really but the strap for the back of the scooter wouldn't reach today so I had to use part of one of the original straps and the new ratchet bit! This all took time so I wasn't off as early as I'd planned - but who cared as I was only going back to Smalleys Beach.

I called in at the Mackay Information Centre to use their dump point and top up my water - or so I thought! As I pushed my filling tube in I must have dislodged the hose connection because when I turned the tap on, water flowed out of the back door.

It was hard to get at but I think I've fixed it - I'll see when I fill up next time. Good one Murphy!

I filled a gas bottle at BCF, did some shopping and had some soup and a cuppa with Tony and Denyse before heading on the familiar roads back to my campsite.

On the way I had a look at Ball Bay and Haliday Bay and took a couple of photos.

Talking of photos:
Sugar growing

Same sugar - different view!

A mill that processes the cane into the sugar on your table

Wednesday 23rd August

 Good catch up today!   Fellow ACC Members John and ,Jane Hambly, came visiting this afternoon and it was great spending time with them. T...